Strength of Electromagnets

(Basic Electromagnetism Projects)


In this project you may use the electromagnet you made in previous experiments.


Experiment 1: Strength of electromagnet, Effect of coil loops

Introduction: Measuring the strength of an electromagnet help us determine if an electromagnet is strong enough for our specific need. It can also help us to identify factors affecting the strength of an electromagnet. By knowing such factors we can estimate the strength of an electromagnet before making it. This is especially important for large electromagnets that cost thousands of dollars.

  1. Make an electromagnet as you did in the previous experiment. use 500 turns of magnet wire on the coil. (You may want to use the same electromagnet you used in the previous experiments.
  2. Attach a small plastic cup or any similar object to a nail using threads. Make holes on the cup and use tape if needed. This will be the initial weight and a platform for additional weight.
  3. Hold the electromagnet you made in the previous experiment so that the cap of the screw will face down.
  4. Push the off/on button so that the weight platform can hang to the electromagnet using the magnetic force.
  5. Start adding some weights to the platform. Continue that until the weight platform falls.
  6. Record the total weight of the weight platform before adding the last weight.
  7. Unwind 100 turns of the coil wire and try the weight test again.




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