Electricity and Conductivity

Electricity and Conductivity Science Kit: $25
Electricity and Conductivity Science Kit is a collection of the most useful elements that you need in order to experiment and understand electrical circuits, current, voltage and conductivity. It also includes ideas and questions that help you to perform Scientific Experiments and to construct your science project with the scientific method.

Electricity and Conductivity Science Kit includes several experiments in Electrical Circuits, conductivity and properties of electricity. Complete projects are:
1- Construct an Electric Circuit
2- Can electricity create heat?
3- Can electricity create magnet?
4- Construct a Continuity tester and test conductivity of objects around you.
5- What is the effect of Serial or Parallel Light Bulbs on Voltage and Current Distribution?
6- What is the effect of Parallel or Serial Batteries on Voltage and Current?

Electricity and Conductivity Science Kit includes:

  • Experiment and Project sheet
  • 4 Light Bulbs
  • 2 Socket or base for light bulbs
  • 2 Battery holders
  • 1 Wood Plaque
  • Heavy Magnet wire
  • Wires, Screws, Nails and other components

Additional Materials Required: Additional Materials Required for your experiments can be found at home or purchased locally. Some of these material are:

  • Some batteries
  • Philips and flat screw drivers
  • One 2" or 3" nail
  • One pencil
  • 1 pair of scissors
  • 1 Roll of masking tape
  • 1 Nickel (US five cent piece)
  • 5 US pennies
  • 6 Small paper clips
  • 1 piece of paper (8.5 x 11)

Opportunities for Science Projects
Many of the questions asked in the Electricity and Conductivity Projects, can serve as the "Problem to be solved" in a science project. In setting up your project, you would first state the problem, then hypothesis, ( a guess as the answer to your problem), next procedure to check the hypothesis, and finally a conclusion that answers the stated problem based on what you actually observe in your research. In addition you may be interested in proposing your own, specific research that will expand on your conclusion.
Since lights and switches are visually enticing in themselves, it would be strongly suggested that your presentation include the apparatus you used in your research.

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