Is plant growth affected by the amount of light received?


Plants use the light energy to grow. In this experiment we try to find out how does the amount of light effect the growth of a plant.


I think that more light brings more growth, but there will be a limit that after that adding to the amount of light does not help the plant to grow any more.


1. Three of the same plants
2. Three box or cabinet as yiur test room.
3. Three different light source that must be mounted inside box or cabinets. We will use 25 Watt, 100 Watt and 200 Watt light bulbs as our light source.


Put your three identical plant samples in three test rooms. Install the lights above each plant in each test room. Leave enough distance between the light and plant to avoid heat damage to the plants. Label your test rooms 60, 100 and 200 to match the light bulbs. Make sure that test rooms have proper ventilation. Inspect and water your samples every day and record the results by giving grade to samples for at least 10 days.

 Record And Analyze Data:

Record your observation grades the following table and use it to analyze data.


 25 Watt

 100 Watt

 200 Watt
 Day 1      
 Day 2      
 Day 3      
 Day 4      
 Day 5      
 Day 6      
 Day 7      
 Day 8      
 Day 9      
  Day 10      
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