What effect does music have on plant growth?


Many experiments have been done to see what music's effect on growing plants is. Does music help or hinder a plants growth? Many studies have been done and it has become a very interesting subject. This experiment will give us an understanding on whether or not music effects plant growth. In our experiment, we will use rock music and classical music to test the plant growth.


We think that the classical music will help the plant growth and that the rock music will hinder its growth since studies have showed that classical music even concentrates the human brain and is good for you.


1. Three of the same type of plant
2. 2 small stereos or boom boxes with CD players
3. A rock CD
4. A Classical CD


Take the three plants and label them, one with classical, one with rock, and one with no music. Put all them in separate rooms and put the rock music by the rock plant, put the classical CD by the classical plant and leave the other plant in a quite room with no exposure to music. Water them daily and after a week, record your results on how each plant is doing.

 Record And Analyze Data:

After one week of experimenting, the following were the results. The one that was in the best condition was the plant that was in the room with classical music. The second best plant was the one in the room with no music and the one that didn't do so good was the one in the room with rock music.

 Remarks from

This experiment has been performed by another student. We have not verified the results. Do it yourself and let us know what are your results. Is it possible that other hidden factors have affected the outcome of this experiment. Can we get to a firm conclusion by only one experiment?

Another result (reported 5/20/2002)

Dear Mini Science,
            I did the project entitled "Do Plants Grow Better to Music", and I got different results! I did Rap, Pop, Rock, and No Music. My Results were Pop1st, Rock 2nd, None 3rd, and Rap was last! Thanx for the help!!! My 5th Grade Science Fair Project was a BIG Hit!!!!!!!!


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